Our Services

We offer a variety of dental services for the entire family. In addition to routine cleanings and check-ups our services also include the following for Adults and children.


Tooth Colored ‘mercury free’ Fillings
Custom Teeth Whitening
Crowns and Bridges
Full and Partial Dentures
Gum Therapy
Dental implant restorations
Nightguards and sportsguards


Fluoride Treatment
Tooth colored fillings
Pulp treatment
Sports guards
Extractions and space maintainers
Treatment of dental injuries from trauma

We understand there is often more than one way to treat an oral condition and we make sure to work together with our patients to come up with the best plan to fit your needs and have the best possible result. We also know that coming to the dentist can be stressful so we also offer nitrous oxide or “laughing gas” to help alleviate anxiety and allows patients to be in a comfortable setting prior to starting a procedure.